Ways to Care for Sensitive Skin

Even if you have sensitive skin, it is vital that you cleanse and repair your skin daily to ensure a healthy glow and fresh skin. Below is a nightly regimen to follow for those of us who suffer from sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Cleanse Your Face

A gentle skin cleanser is imperative when cleaning your sensitive skin. A constant favorite amid sensitive skin sufferers, Cetaphil cleans without harmful dyes or fragrance that irritates skin. Cetaphil is a soap-free formulation that is mild on sensitive skin and will not strip skin of important oils.

Use Toner

Witch Hazel is a great toner.

It eliminates oils and layers of impurities, and will not dry out sensitive skin. Witch Hazel will soothe sensitive skin as it is paraben and fragrance free, as well as hypoallergenic.

Apply Eye Cream

The thin skin surrounding your eyes is much more sensitive than any other part of your face. Try Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream. It has ingredients designed to moisturize the eye area without triggering redness or irritation. The cotton and rice extracts are soothing and regenerating for the skin around your eyes. It is both approved and recommended by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

Smooth on Some Body Butter

Body butter offers soothing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe. Avoid products loaded with fragrance, chemicals, and dyes. You can make your own body butter by mixing 1/2 cup of cocoa butter with 2 tsp vitamin E oil, 2sp apricot kernel oil, and 1tsp light sesame oil. Warm the mixture, and then stir until the oils are completely blended.

Apply Sunscreen

Sensitive skin requires sunscreen all year long. A sunscreen that offers SPF 30 will protect you against both UVBs and UVAs.

Do the following tasks once or twice a week.

Use a Mask

When you have sensitive skin, hydration is vital. Consider using Aveno Soothing Moisture Mask to hydrate flakey or dry and irritated skin. Formulated precisely for sensitive skin, this mask has hypoallergenic ingredients that help repair and rejuvenate the skin and its natural barrier.

Scrub your Skin

Exfoliating is also a very important weekly skin regime we all should practice. For sensitive skin, create your own budget-friendly, gentle scrub by mixing equal parts olive oil and sugar. Scrub and exfoliate for 30 seconds and then wash with Cetaphil.

Take a Milk Bath

Sensitive skin may be itchy, irritated, or even dry. Consider trying a milk bath to soothe your irritated, sensitive skin. There are many varieties of recipes to choose from, and the one below is recommended for those who suffer from sensitive skin. A milk bath with oatmeal, lavender, and Epsom salts will work wonders for your aggravated skin. Pour 1 cup of buttermilk or whole milk into a warm bathtub. Pour 3/4 cup of oatmeal into a coffee filter and then tie-off to seal. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of lavender and 1/4 cup of Epson salt into your tub as well. Drop in your oatmeal bag and soak for 30 minutes or more. You will be pleasantly surprised with the silky, smooth, non-irritated skin you have afterwards.

Featured Image: depositphotos/artem_furman